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Power to the Peaceful

Shown against a backdrop of Michael Franti’s Sound of Sunshine soundtrack, this video highlights Mary’s Gone Crackers fans at the September, 2010 Power to the Peaceful concert in San Francisco.

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Mary talks about love Cookies
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Mary’s Gone Crackers aficionados at Natural Products Expo West 2011 share how Mary’s Gone Crackers products have become part of their lives.

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Mary's Demo Video

Mary Waldner, talks about her products, her company and discussion points for product demos.

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Interview with the Health Ranger

Mary of Mary's Gone Crackers interviewed in 2007 for the Health Ranger

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Oprah likes Mary's

Oprah mentions her gratitude for Mary's Gone Crackers at 4:30 in this video

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Fan Testimonial

Community Stories

Send us your story. If we post it on our website we’ll give you a transformational experience with a box of Mary’s Gone Crackers’ products!

Luckily I was in the office at the right time, when the call from Mary in North Dakota came in. She had a story to tell me. Did I have time to listen? I like hearing stories (I think most of us do), so I said yes.

A Story told by Rajneesh Aggarwal
A few years back I was visiting my friend in New York, and he asked me if I wanted to see this woman named Amma. Amma is a hugging saint who people say emanates pure love.