Conscious Eating

Conscious Eating

This is what Conscious Eating means to us

  • ♥ Being aware of how food impacts our bodies, minds and the planet.
  • ♥ Enjoying food that is healthy for us—food filled with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients
  •      that our bodies need.
  • ♥ Cultivating crops in ways that ensure water, air & land remain clean, pure & chemical-free.
  • ♥ Listening to the needs of our bodies and having ways to meet those needs.
  • ♥ Creating food that uses a wide variety of ingredients and encourages diversity
  •      in the crop gene pool.
  • Conscious eating means supporting farmers to work in chemical-free environments.
  • Conscious eating means accepting Mother Nature’s gifts without genetic modification.
  • Conscious eating means conscious companies in the food industry that...
  • ♦ strive to leave a positive ecological footprint.
  • ♦ develop an environment in which employees look forward to coming to work, 
  •     feel nurtured, and have opportunities to learn and grow.
  • ♦ help ensure that all benefit from the fruits of their labor.

This is how we are manifesting Conscious Eating today

We use only organic ingredients—which heal our consumers, the farmers who grow our ingredients, and the land from which our ingredients come.

Whenever possible, we work with purchasers who pay a fair wage to producers, support women, and help maintain vibrant local communities.

We use local suppliers whenever feasible—including our rice, which we buy from a family of organic rice farmers 50 miles from our manufacturing plant.

We use low glycemic, whole food palm sugar harvested from the sweet nectar of the coconut palm flower, which doesn’t require cutting down trees and helps maintain a vibrant agroecosystem.

We use no genetically modified ingredients.

We use only recycled paper and soy-based ink for our packaging.

We are working with organizations like the Celiac Disease Foundation to educate people regarding the symptoms of celiac disease and how to take care of our bodies when we have this autoimmune disorder, which keeps the body from digesting gluten.

We encourage diversity in the crop gene pool by using ancient grains and other alternatives to corn and wheat.